SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – High stakes negotiations are playing out in the nation’s capital over the debt ceiling.

The budgeting process in Washington is very different than what we see here at home.

“It’s frustrating for me to watch the kind of end-of-days scenario where folks throw around, ‘I guess we just won’t fund it, we’ll shut it down.’ It doesn’t sit well with me. I think we are better than that, and actually what the citizens need is something way more thoughtful than that. So, for me, I’m learning a lot. And learning what I don’t want to see here ever,” said Senator Jen Plumb (D), Salt Lake City.

“Senator Plumb draws a great comparison between a state legislature where you don’t print money. I mean you have to balance budgets and you have to work with each other, and there’s negotiations and discussions, verse the brinkmanship that you are seeing in Washington D.C. where I’d say if you are in a hole, you’ve got to stop digging it,” said former House Speaker Greg Hughes (R), Draper.

The two join us this week on Inside Utah Politics for our panel discussion. They share their thoughts on how national lawmakers should approach the debt. They also weigh in on a big improvement on opioid overdose deaths in the state of Utah over the last decade.

“It didn’t matter what our party was. It didn’t matter what our particular viewpoints were on anything. All we cared about was it was too high in Utah, and we needed to do something, and we needed to save lives,” said Plumb.