Senate President Wayne Niederhauser on the final days of the session

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (News4Utah) – The final day of the Utah Legislative Session is this Thursday, March 8, 2018.

President Wayne Niederhauser, who has presided over the Senate for six years discusses his priorities for these last few days, and his plans for the future. 

One of Niederhauser’s priorities that wasn’t a primary focus at the beginning of the session is school safety.

“I think we’ll be addressing school safety with the local school boards. It is a responsibility to hire, to make any changes to facilities and so I’ve been meeting with the state’s association of school board members, seeing how I can partner with them, or how the sate can partner with them in creating a safer environment in our schools,” said Neiderhauser. 

Niederhauser is also sponsoring a bill on toll roads here in Utah.

“This bill will allow us to toll existing capacity, so that it isn’t just the new growth areas that have toll roads and it goes back to this fundamental problem we have. The gas tax is almost obsolete today, and only pays for half of the roads,” said Neiderhauser. 

This bill would also focus on electronic tolling verses toll booths.

“There will be no toll booths. This will all be seamless. UDOT will be able to identify cars along the road, they’ll use that information to charge you for your use of the road, and then they would have to dispose of that information. And it’s ony used for tolling,’ Niederhauser said. 

He also talks about the UTA Governance Bill, the budget surplus, taxes and what’s next for him in the Senate. 

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