SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Prosecutors from across the country are coming together to help colleagues in Afghanistan who are being hunted by the Taliban.

“Our government with the allied forces also helped train the Afghan Attorney General’s Office and helped create that. There are men and woman that really embraced that and helped out with the effort. When the fall of Afghanistan happed in 2021, these men and women were left behind, and they were men and women who were pivotal in prosecuting terrorism, prosecuting corruption, prosecuting violence against women and all the different kinds of crimes that were being committed by the Taliban. When the Taliban came in, they released some 60,000 prisoners, and basically put all these men and women on a hit list,” said District Attorney Sim Gill (D), Salt Lake County.

For some rescue efforts are too late.

“Some 26 have been killed. There’s multiple family members who have been tortured and killed as a result of that,” Gill said.

But it’s not too late for others who are in hiding. That’s why prosecutors from across the country are teaming up to raise money to help get them out of Afghanistan.

“The goal here is to raise $15,000,000 with these NGO’s who can facilitate their escape. 100% of that money is going to go towards facilitating that,” said Gill.

They are also asking for the public’s help to reach that goal to save the lives of 1,500 Afghan prosecutors and their families.

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