Democratic candidate Kurt Weiland on running for the 1st Congressional District

Inside Utah Politics

SALT LAKE CITY (News4Utah) – Democratic candidate Kurt Weiland is hoping to get the party nomination for the 1st Congressional District. 

Weiland stops by Inside Utah Politics to discuss why he decided to run. 

“About six months ago some friends of mine came to me and said Rob Bishop is running unopposed. I was reluctant and I talked to some other folks as to why, and then I realized just how horribly we have gone down the rabbit hole,” said Weiland. 

One of the bigger topics that Weiland has been addressing during his run is term limits. 

“We have term limits now for the presidency. Interestingly enough imposed by a republican congress in 1947,” said Weiland. “I suggest 4 terms for a representative, 8 years, and then 2 terms for a senator which would be 12 years. We do not need a political class.”

He also addresses the latest gun violence concerns across the country. 

“Number one, I do not believe a ban on assault weapons will work. Assault weapons is just too nebulous a term. I would suggest several other options. Primarily to address the problem at the cause rather than the effect,” Weiland said.

Weiland believes that his leadership experience is what sets him apart from his opponent. 

“I look at the experience that I’ve had in terms of leadership and the skills that I have gained and I think that makes a difference. Leaders have got to lead,” Weiland said. 

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