SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – The Utah GOP will officially have a new chair following the state organizing convention later this week.

Current Chair Carson Jorgensen decided he would not seek a second term and will pass the baton to Robert Axson.

Robert Axson is the State Director for Senator Mike Lee (R), Utah. He was one of two candidates for the job, but the other, Mike Bird, dropped out.

“I feel like at this point I’ve done as good as I can do with my skill set, and I do feel there are other people out there with skill sets that can advance the party further. And, I’m more than happy to pass on the baton to Robert Axson who’s going to take the party to the next level. I’ve really enjoyed my time and I think the party is in a good place and is going to be phenomenal in the future,” said Jorgensen.

So, what’s next for Jorgensen?

“Somebody on Twitter said I can’t wait until he gets out of politics, because I don’t want to see his stupid hat anymore. And, I hate to disappoint random Twitter user, but I think the hat is going to be around in politics for quite a while,” he said.

But, Jorgensen stops short of specifically saying what that next step may be.

He joins us this week on Inside Utah Politics to discuss his decision to move on, what he’s most proud of during his time as chair and to preview the upcoming Utah GOP state convention.