SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Three candidates are on the ballot hoping to win the Republican primary in the special election to replace Representative Chris Stewart.

We are profiling each candidate on Inside Utah Politics. Former State Representative Becky Edwards is one of them.

“I think it really comes down to experience. I’ve lived in this district 30 years. Ten of those years I served my neighbors and folks around my area in the Utah House. I think that track record of being able to get things done as a commonsense conservative really is something that is resonating around the district. But, the thing that is really unifying people I think is the desire to see that kind of approach to leadership, and knowing for certain that someone has done it before. It’s what we need more of in D.C.,” said Edwards.

If elected, she says one of her priorities would be something she’s hearing a lot on the campaign trail.

“As I’ve been out and around this district, the things I’m hearing from families and individuals across the district are really spending. Things are just too expensive right now. It has to do with inflation. It has to do with reckless spending from Congress. They hold the purse strings, and it impacts all of us. Back to school week, you know, when I see families at stores buying school supplies, and I know that things are tight for them. But, it’s regular things too — groceries, gas — we need to have someone in Congress who has actually balanced a budget,” Edwards said.