SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News)- Former Governor and Ambassador Jon Huntsman Jr. says he will run to be the next governor of Utah.  

Huntsman Jr. made that announcement on social media Thursday.

“It’s not about politics. It’s about continuing service to a community we love, a community which has defined my family for generations where we respect all sides and bring people together for common-sense solutions,” Jon Huntsman Jr. said. 

Local historian Ron Fox says he was not surprised by this announcement.  

“Running for governor of Utah was a pretty well-known secret,” Fox said.  

Earlier this week, Huntsman hinted to ABC4 News about a potential run.   

“Like a lot of people, you lead to serve and do other things if you can’t be here in the state when asked. And that is a big part of the spirit of this day and the spirit of the country. But we will be talking about that very soon,” Huntsman said.  

Ron Fox has known Jon and the Huntsmans for more than a generation.  

“I worked first with Jon when he was at the Reagan White House,” Fox said.   

Huntsman resigned as Governor of Utah to become the Ambassador of China under the Obama Administration. Then he ran for president in 2012. Most recently, he was the Ambassador to Russia under the Trump Administration.  

“You don’t get those two posts without having the background and knowledge,” Fox said.   

Fox says how Huntsman plans to run is up in the air.  

“My guess is that he is probably going to run as a Republican and then he will have to choose whether he wants to go through the convention process or whether he will gather signatures and he can do both.”

Governor Huntsman now joins three other candidates vying to be the governor of Utah.  

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