SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — Erin Mendenhall announced on Wednesday her intention to seek re-election as the mayor of Salt Lake City before the upcoming general election in November.

In a video announcement, Mendenhall says she is running for a second term because of unfinished work with other leaders of the City.

“I’m running for reelection because our work isn’t finished and we need proven leadership to see it through,” Mendenhall said. “The incredible future we’re building together isn’t guaranteed, and it isn’t going to be easy. I’m determined to make sure the city grows for all of us… to bury the walls that divide us, to lead with compassion, to promote equity, and to defend equality. We are making this progress together and I refuse to let anyone take our city backward. We’re going to keep moving this city forward, and we’re going to do it together. ”

Mendenhall will be kicking off her campaign at The Neighborhood Hive in Sugar House on Saturday, April 15, at 10 a.m. followed by a grassroots fundraiser at Mountain West Hard Cider later in the evening.

Rocky Anderson, who served as the 33rd Salt Lake City Mayor from 2000 to 2008, is also in the running for mayor. In his announcement last year, Anderson said Salt Lake City was “one of the top cities to live and work” when he was the mayor, but it is now “listed among the most dangerous cities in the country.”

Mendenhall’s re-election campaign has been endorsed by numerous community council leaders, labor organizations as well as elected officials, including former Salt Lake City Mayor Ted Wilson and Salt Lake County Mayor Jenny Wilson.

“Mayor Mendenhall has been a committed, resourceful leader for Salt Lake City and has earned a second term as mayor,” Wilson said. “It’s hard to put into words what an asset Erin’s commitment to partnership has been for city residents, but I see it every day as we work together on the biggest challenges facing our community. It’s an exciting time for Salt Lake City and it’s important that we keep up the momentum and keep moving forward.”

Salt Lake City is participating in a Municipal Alternative Voting Methods Pilot Project this year, which means mayoral candidates will be selected through a ranked-choice voting system. The municipal general election date is set on Nov. 7, 2023.

Watch Mendenhall’s re-election campaign announcement video: