SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News)- Young voters gathered at the University of Utah for a Super Tuesday watch party and ABC4’s Brittany Johnson was there.

Voters came to the Hinckley Institute of Politics to hear from political experts about Super Tuesday and how candidates are shaping up in Utah.

Super Tuesday plans at the UofU included students gathering for a campus community dialogue. Young voters heard from a panel of local political experts as they examined the Democratic Primary, discussed the impact of Super Tuesday, and predicted results of the race moving forward.

Students enjoyed food and games while mingling with each other, talking politics.

“I just have a natural affinity for politics,” student Joseph Wixom said. “I believe it shapes the way our society functions. On top of that, I’m interested in international studies and I’m watching to see whoever wins the Democratic primary or the Republican. We already know it’s going to be Trump. Who is going to be the best for relations with other nations?”

Student Brandon Sipes said he saw some interesting new takes on the Primary and what Super Tuesday means for this Primary.

“It wasn’t anything necessarily that I learned but it was kind of elaborating on information that I’ve heard before and solidifying that.”

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