Big changes ease voting process in Utah County


UTAH COUNTY (ABC4 News) – Polling problems solved! Back in 2018, Utah County, in many people’s judgment, was an election disaster. Long lines caused big delays in getting the votes counted.

Now, the new county clerk has made big changes. Now, when you walk in, you scan your license then they get you a paper ballot. Next, you walk over to get some privacy to fill out the ballot. Then you place it in a scanner. As a precaution, one of the things to note, the scanner is not connected to the internet.

Instead, the data goes to a specific USB. But if that fails or there is a need for a recount, the county has all of the paper ballots. Officials say this makes the election essentially un-hackable.

Amelia Powers Gardner, the Utah County Clerk Auditor told ABC4 News:

“In 2018, the evenings were met by 4-hour lines, 5-hour lines, polling locations closing, but there were still long lines. So people stayed until midnight. Tonight, we’re not going to have that problem. As you can see, there are people here constantly voting — but we haven’t had much of a line at all.”

Amelia Powers Gardner, Utah County Clerk Auditor.

The Utah Republican party has a closed primary while the Utah Democratic Party has an open primary election.

In a closed primary election, participants have to be a registered member of the of that specific party to be able to vote. With an open primary election, anyone from any political party can participate.

The clerk told ABC4 most Republicans were coming in to simply support President Trump.

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