SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — Utah Governor Spencer Cox said an endorsement is coming for a Republican candidate in the race for Utah’s Congressional District 2, though he stopped short of actually doing so this morning.

During his monthly press conference at the Eccles Broadcast Center, Cox sang praises for all three Republican candidates vying for Rep. Chris Stewart’s seat, but said he certainly has a preference for who he would like to see on the ballot in November. Stewart resigned his seat earlier this year, and the Sept. 5 special election will fill his vacancy through the end of his term.

There are three Republican candidates vying for Utah’s vacant seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Celeste Maloy won the nomination through the Special Republican convention while Becky Edwards and Bruce Hough collected enough signatures to be included in the primary.

“I know all three of the candidates very well, I’ve worked with all three of them,” said Cox. “They are all good and capable people.”

In his monthly press conference, Cox said Hough represented the state well as a committeeman with Republican National Committee. He praised Becky Edwards saying he served with her in the legislature and had a great relationship with her.

His seemingly highest praise was for Celeste Maloy, who he said could “hit the ground running faster than anybody else.”

“She has been involved in all of the issues,” said Cox. “I mean she has literally worked in that office and is unbelievably talented.”

Cox also said he would love to see representation in Congress off the Wasatch Front. Cox said residents south of that “Payson-Dixon line” don’t have a member of Congress and that only one candidate lives away from Utah’s most populated area. Geographically speaking, the only candidate “off the Wasatch Front,” would be Celeste Maloy, who is listed as a Cedar City resident. Bruce Hough is listed as a Salt Lake City candidate, while Becky Edwards is listed with a Bountiful address.

“Obviously, it sounds like I’m endorsing someone,” said Cox. “This is not an official endorsement. That’s more of just a rural geography thing that I think is important.”

Cox ended his statements by saying that he believes all three of the candidates could do the job as part of Utah’s House of Representatives delegation, alluding that Utahns can’t go wrong with whoever they vote for.

“It kind of depends on what people are looking for and I think we are very lucky to have three capable candidates,” said Cox.

The winner of the primary will be placed on the ballot in the general election in November against Kathleen Riebe (D), Cassie Easley (Constitution), Brad Green (Libertarian), January Walker (United Utah), Joseph Geddes Buchman (I) and Perry Myers (I).