UTAH COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – Adam Pomeroy, former candidate for Utah County Attorney will join Jeff Gray, Greg Hughes, and multiple Utah legislators to speak about concerns regarding Utah County Attorney David Leavitt on Tuesday.

Officials say this will be the first time former competitors Gray and Pomeroy will be speaking together to answer questions from the local media.

Pomeroy recently dropped out of the race for Utah County Attorney on June 2 and will now support his competitor, Gray in the election.

Both Gray and Pomeroy say they have “serious concerns” about Leavitt’s policies while regarding crime policies and the disbanding of the “Special Victims Unit” which prosecutes sexual crimes, including child sex abuse.

“Today Adam Pomeroy announced he would be leaving the race for County Attorney,” says Gray. “I want to express my appreciation for his courageous decision to challenge David Leavitt. He is a firsthand witness of the abuses and the wrong-headed policies of David Leavitt. When Adam saw wrong, he was willing to step up and call out his boss.”

Former Speaker of the Utah House Greg Hughes will also be answering questions “on his support for Jeff Gray and removing Leavitt.”

ABC4 will have a response from David Leavitt later today.

To watch the full press conference, check out the video above.