Police: Woman Killed in Crash Trying to Avoid Repo

PLEASANT GROVE, Utah (ABC4 UTAH) – A repossession agent is sitting in jail after police say he caused a woman’s death. 
Police tell Good4Utah Kenneth Drew with On Demand Repo showed up at Ashleigh Best’s home in Pleasant Grove just after midnight Tuesday. 
“The tow truck company saw that the vehicle was in the driveway. He attempted to box her into her driveway to prevent her from leaving,” said Lt. Britt Smith with the Pleasant Grove Police Department. 
Investigators said a short argument happened between Best and Drew. 
“When she left the residence, the tow truck gave chase. There was a pursuit that occurred that lasted for 10 to 12 blocks,”said the Lieutenant. “It is usually protocol and procedure for them not to give chase and I have never in my 15 years of law enforcement, I’ve never seen a repossession agent be this aggressive.  This is the first time I’ve ever seen anything like it.”
Detectives said speeds were double the speed limit. 
“It’s against his own policy to even give chase,” said Lt. Smith.
A preliminary investigation showed Drew drove past Best and hit her on the front driver side of her vehicle causing her to lose control and drive straight into a tree.
“We believe there is physical evidence to establish the repossession agent was attempting to force her off of the road, the Lieutenant added. “He even made statements he was trying to stop the chase and bring it to an end.”
Drew had a passenger with him while attempting to recover the SUV Best was driving. 
“He said he felt like it was getting dangerous and he needed to stop it. And he felt like he had the heavier vehicle and he could bring it to a stop,” said Lt. Smith.
Witnesses who didn’t want to be identified said paramedics pulled Best out of the car spending 30 minutes attempting to bring her back to life. 
“If he would have just abided by his own company policy rules and not have given chase, we wouldn’t be here,” said the Lieutenant. 
Best recently moved to Utah with her husband and two children to begin a new life. 
“The family is kind of down on their luck. They are in a financial jam and that’s the only family vehicle,” he added. 
Now the family is distraught. 
“They are in shock and they are just trying to figure out where they go from here,” said the Lieutenant. 
Police performed a toxicology test on Drew after the accident. 
When asked why Drew would do something like this Lt. Smith said, “That leaves us all scratching our heads.”
Drew has been charged with manslaughter and now sits in a Utah County Jail awaiting his court appearance. 

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