WEST JORDAN, Utah (ABC4) – The manager of a West Jordan fast-food chain who allegedly paid a teenage employee money for naked photos of himself is now facing several charges. 

Christopher Ross, 42, of West Jordan is facing one count of Sexual Exploitation of a Minor and one count of Sexual Battery. 

According to police records, Ross was the 16-year-old victim’s boss at a Sonic Drive-In in West Jordan during the stint of his crimes. Ross started by allegedly picking up the victim and his friends from West Jordan High School and buying all of them lunch. 

The affidavit notes that on multiple occasions Ross inappropriately touched the victim while at work at the Sonic Drive-in.

Records state that one day the victim asked Ross for $200 and Ross gave it to him. From there, the victim asked for more money as well as gas for his car which Ross also provided. 

When the victim continued to ask for more money, Ross allegedly told him he would have to give him something in return and requested nude photos. According to police records, the victim provided Ross with nude photos in exchange for money and other items including shoes, Xbox gift cards, and gas for his car.