SOUTH JORDAN, Utah (ABC4) – Police are warning the public of an influx of reports involving citizens being shot by “Orbeez” guns in South Jordan.

The South Jordan Police Department says they’ve responded to multiple incidents in “The District” shopping and dining area recently.

Orbeez guns, which fire out gel pellets, have gained recent notoriety in relation to popular TikTok and social media challenges involving the weapon.

Police say random citizens and bystanders have been targeted and shot by kids wielding these guns.

Authorities say the suspects can be seen “riding electric scooters erratically through the parking lot” among other activities.

“If you have kids who frequent this area, please talk to them about the dangers of this type of behavior,” police say. “We will be increasing our patrols in this area to hopefully reduce the number of these incidents.”

Officers have responded to these Orbeez-related incidents that initially appear to be fights or robberies taking place.

“SoJo has an ordinance restricting the use of an “air gun” which includes the Orbeez gel pellet guns,” police say. “Those engaged in this type of activity could be held criminally or civilly liable.”

(Courtesy of South Jordan Police Department)