Police warn public about counterfeit money circulating


ST. GEORGE (ABC4 News) -Police in Southern Utah are investigating a case of counterfeit money that is circulating throughout the area.

The giveaway is easy to spot. The bills seem convincing, except for some kind of stamp or embossing that contains Chinese-language characters and markers.

These bills are apparently used to teach people traveling to the US from China how to use and count our money. They are not real.

Officer Tiffany Atkin with St. George Police Department said a suspect is apparently using them to try and buy goods and services.

“We all know most of us don’t carry cash, we’re all debit cards or credit cards. So maybe managers, you know, find it later on when they’re counting the till and realize that with those Chinese-type markings, they’re obviously counterfeit,’ said Atkin.


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