EPHRAIM, Utah (ABC4) – A student of Snow College in Ephraim, Utah is facing charges after police say he made threats of violence over an online gaming platform.

Maximus Johnson, 18, is facing one count of Class B Misdemeanor Threats of Terrorism.

Officers with the Snow College Police Department (SCPD) say the investigation into Johnson began on August 29 at 12:50 p.m. when they received a report from the Utah County Major Crimes Taskforce that Johnson “had made a comment on an online game that he was going to shoot up a school.”

During an interview with SCPD, Johnson reportedly admitted to stating he was going to shoot up a school, though he added that “he did it while upset about something that happened in the game.” Police say Johnson claimed he does not support that type of behavior and that he is sad about the comment he made.

SCPD reports that Johnson explained that his Dad has guns but he does not have access to anyone at Snow College.

Upon a search of Johnson’s vehicle, apartment and backpack, police report no weapons were found.

Johnson has since been booked into the Sanpete County Jail on the charges previously stated.

A statement regarding the incident from Snow College’s Chief of Staff Marci Larsen reads as follows:

“The Utah County Sheriff’s Office contacted the Snow College Public Safety Office to report suspicious behavior. According to their report, a person had made generic threats about carrying out an active shooter scenario.  The comments were made on a gaming platform.  Snow College police officers, with the help of Ephraim Police, Sanpete County Sheriff’s Office, and other agencies, were able to locate the individual and conduct an investigation.  The individual was booked in the Sanpete County Jail and charged with a class B misdemeanor, threats of terrorism.  Student safety is a top priority for Snow College, and we do not believe anyone is in danger at this time.”