Police say gunman in New Mexico school shooting disguised himself as student


AZTEC, N.M. (KRQE)New Mexico State Police have identified the shooter at the Aztec High School as 21-year-old William Atchinson.

NMSP Chief Kassetas says they believe the victims were not specifically targeted, but “’n the wrong place as the wrong time.’

San Juan County Sheriff Ken Christiansen says this was a “planned event” for the shooter.

The sheriff says that Atchinson disguised himself as a student and entered the building as kids were getting off the bus.

Investigators say that Atchinson posted the following message on Facebook:

December 7, 2017
If things go according to plan, today would be when I die.
I wait until the school buses are detected, then head out on foot disguised as a student.
I go somewhere and gear up, then hold a class hostage and go apeshit, then blow my brains out.

Work suck, school sucks, life sucks.

I just want out of this shit.

Fuck this state, it really is bad. Think I’m insane? I’m actually more rational, peaceful and less loony than a majority of the citizenry of this entire region.

Investigators found another note in a trash can at the shooters home with a timeline of events.

Sheriff Christiansen said that the swift action saved a lot of lives that day. According to the sheriff a substitute teacher, Kathleen Potter barricaded students in a room as the shooter shouted: “I know you’re in there, firing shots through the wall.”

This is a developing story.

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