Police Release Possible Cause of Death for Gunnison Man Found Dead in Church Parking Lot

GUNNISON, Utah (ABC4 Utah) Police have revealed the possible cause of death for a man found dead in the parking lot of an LDS Church in Sanpete County Tuesday. 
Gunnison Valley Police Department was called to investigate after a body was found at the church at 80 W. Center St. around 7:30 a.m. 
Police say the victim, identified as Ricardo Valencia, died from a combination of blood loss and exposure to the elements in the cold weather. 
Investigators say Valencia attended a party that involved drinking and possible drug use. Valencia got into a confrontation with others at the party and was told to leave. 
As he left the house, it was reported that he punched through a glass window, causing him to receive a serious cut to his arm, near the brachial artery, causing severe bleeding. 
Valencia, believed to be intoxicated, left the party on foot. As he was bleeding severely from his injury, police suspect he passed out from the loss of blood in the church parking lot. 
Gunnison Valley Police say the investigation is ongoing. 

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