SOUTH SALT LAKE, Utah (ABC4) – Police are providing an update on Tuesday about a missing South Salt Lake man who disappeared after leaving his apartment on June 6.

Cornelis Bokslag, 29, also known as “Casey” left his apartment located near 3808 South West Temple in South Salt Lake and has been missing ever since. An anonymous donor is now offering a $50,000 reward, increasing from an initial $5,000 reward for information leading to Casey’s return home.

Police say his disappearance is “completely out of character” and “unusual.”

The attorney representing the anonymous donor said there are certain conditions for the reward at this time.

“This is not an offer to contract, invite reliance or form any other legal relationship,” said attorney Kelly White. “It is only a gift to express gratitude to an individual in my sole determination and discretion.”

The last known footage of Casey was caught on surveillance video as he left his apartment carrying his work backpack. Police say his phone was last traced by a cell phone tower near 2100 South and 300 West on June 6. Police saw a small transaction of $100 was also withdrawn from his account at the time, but no further activity has been detected since.

“He was supposed to do a training video [for his job] on Monday or Tuesday, but he never did it,” his father Robert Bokslag tells ABC4’s Marcos Ortiz.

Casey Bokslag
Casey Bokslag (Courtesy of South Salt Lake Police)

Casey’s car was discovered two days later on June 8 on a remote road at the Castle Rock exit of I-80 near mile marker 185 in Summit County. Authorities found the vehicle’s license plates had been removed at the time and have not been located since. Chief Jack Carruth of the South Salt Lake Police Department said the vehicle has been processed but it’s not leading them to answers.

“Very little fingerprints were found in the vehicle,” said Chief Carruth. “And no evidence in the vehicle would lead us to believe there was any possibility of potential foul play.”

Bokslag is a former marine and worked for Salt Lake City public utilities as a watershed ranger. He was last seen leaving his South Salt Lake apartment on June 6.

“At this point, we have no reason to believe that Casey is in a situation where he wants to harm himself,” said Carruth. “So we’re teetering on the line — Is this a criminal case or is this a case of a person who has voluntarily gone missing?”

His family says Casey always carries his phone with him (a Google Pixel 3 with a black rugged case) and a Gerber multitool, but neither of those items have been found. Casey’s backpack also likely contained a water bottle, a first aid kit and a pair of Swarovski binoculars. Casey also owned a handgun, a 2022 Sig 9mm pistol, which has not been found either.

Casey’s parents still don’t know what happened to their son, but suspect there may have been foul play or perhaps even a carjacking. “Something happened between him leaving his apartment,” said Elisabeth. “But [maybe] he walked into the wrong area. He saw something that he wasn’t supposed to see.”

Casey is described as 6 feet 2 inches tall, weighing 140 pounds, with blond hair and gray eyes. He was last seen with a goatee and typically wears long green Wrangler cargo pants, a T-shirt, military boots or sneakers and a cap.

The anonymous donor said he is hoping many people will come forward with information and while there may be several with useful information only one award of $50,000 will be made.

“I will determine, in consultation with law enforcement authorities and my counsel, the recipient, if at all, by virtue of who provided the most significant information proximate and causal to finding Mr.
Bokslag,” said the attorney as he read the donor’s statement. “If you want to be considered to receive the gift, then you need to provide your full name and contact information to authorities when providing information.”

Anyone who may have seen Casey, his vehicle, his belongings or had contact with him after Monday, June 6, 2022 to contact Detective Hansen of the South Salt Lake Police Department at (801) 412-3664 or contact Valley Emergency Communication’s Center at (801) 840-4000 and reference case number LK2022-18693.

Casey’s family has set up a website with more information about the missing man.

To watch the full press conference, check out the video above.