LAYTON, Utah (ABC4) – A suspect out of Layton, Utah is facing a Second Degree Felony Arson charge after police say he intentionally set his apartment complex on fire.

At this time, the suspect in this case, Shaun Gale, 41, has been booked into Davis County Jail.

Representatives of the Layton Police Department (LPD) say that an investigation into Gale began when they, along with Layton Fire responded to a structure fire at 2955 North Hill Field Road at the Overlook Apartments on August 18. Upon arrival, LPD says they were able to identify Gale as the resident of the apartment where the fire ignited. Soon after law enforcement appeared on the scene, Gale was reportedly transported to Davis Hospital for minor injuries.

Police say that although crews were able to extinguish the fire, residents of 14 other apartments in the building have been displaced. According to LPD, all of the displaced residents are being placed in temporary living conditions while crews work to investigate the incident.

During a police interview, Gale allegedly told investigators that he is a patient of Davis Behavioral Health services and “that he suffers from several mental health issues including schizophrenia.”

Gale also added that he was in the living room where the couch was located prior to the fire, but left to go to the bathroom only to find the couch on fire upon his return, police say. Gale reportedly told investigators that he did not know how the fire started, that he attempted to put it out but was unsuccessful, and that he was the only person inside of the apartment at the time of the fire.

However, the statement of probable cause notes that Gale told police, “I don’t like that sofa,” and when asked why, he stated he “always hallucinates” when he sits on the couch. LPD describes Gale’s last hallucination as “two weeks ago while he was sitting on the couch,” when he reported that the straw in his drink began “sprouting worms and maggots.”

When asked if he uses drugs, Gale allegedly told officers that he uses methamphetamine and used it last on August 17, a day before the incident occurred.

Official documents state that when investigators began to propose the idea that Gale set his couch on fire, and asked him if he experienced hallucinations prior to the incident, Gale said, “I don’t remember setting the couch on fire,” and that his hallucinations that morning were “nothing out of the ordinary.”

For Gale, LPD says that “the ordinary” consists of auditory hallucinations.

Police say they found Gale’s response regarding the couch suspicious, as he was not providing a definitive answer. As a result, official documents state that there is reason to believe “Gale intentionally started the fire by lighting his couch on fire during a drug induced state where he was likely hallucinating or experiencing a schizophrenia episode.”

LPD says that they were able to speak with Gale’s therapists at Davis Behavioral Health, who reportedly decided that the best course of action would be to book him into jail.