PARK CITY, Utah (ABC4) – On the evening of May 25, officers with the Park City Police Department (PCPD) responded to Park City High School after a third-party caller reported an individual was seen carrying a gun at a school concert that evening. 

Occurring at the same time as the high school musical performance, Park City Police Lt. Jay Randall told ABC4 that a political event was also going on nearby where a congressman was present from the first district. 

Randall said that a man who was protesting recent legislation was carrying a gun near school grounds. While holding a brief conversation with students, the man allegedly told them that he was a supporter of the second amendment and divulged that he was a concealed carry permit holder before flashing his weapon. 

Officers responded to the scene and conducted a full investigation but found the man was not violating any laws, though Randall notes the man’s actions were insensitive in the wake of a surge of gun violence throughout the nation and the recent school shooting that took place in Texas earlier this week. 

Randall mentioned a rumor that the school was on lockdown for a short period of time due to the incident, but that information cannot be confirmed by law enforcement. 

According to Randall, whoever made the call did the right thing.

“Anytime anybody has a concern whether or not someone is carrying legally or illegally, they should call and have law enforcement verify,” he said.