Police find 15-year-old girl tied up on hiking trail

CACHE COUNTY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – Police are investigating an alleged kidnapping case, after finding a 15 year-old girl tied up on a hiking trail. 
It reportedly happened, Monday evening, in the Trapper Park area of Southwest Logan. 
Fortunately, crews say they found the teenager virtually unharmed.  According to the teen, the two masked men who took her never hurt her, and her recollection seems to indicate the captors may have had a change of heart.
“We’re not sure what we have,” said Capt. Curtis Hooley, Logan City Police Dept.
Still, police say they are taking the incident seriously. 
Logan Police called out for additional support from Cache County deputies, Utah Highway Patrol, and other law enforcement authorities, when a panicked mother said someone abducted her 15 year-old daughter.   Officials later learned the teen was walking home from school when she says two men in dark clothing and masks threw a cloth over her face. 
According to police, that is the last thing the victim remembers, before waking up on the Trapper Park Trail. 
“She did have a little bit of tape on her mouth and a little bit of tape on her wrists,” Hooley recalled. 
The captors reportedly used the teen’s thumbprint to unlock her cell phone and allowed her to call her mom.  The teen says the men then took off, threatening to shoot anyone who showed up on the trail.  Police say they found the teen unharmed a short time later, who EMS crews transported to a nearby hospital as a precaution. 
“It’s cold out here.  Not knowing how long she’d been out here, they wanted to make she didn’t have hypothermia… Our detectives are up at the hospital doing some interviews with her to try to determine any more information,” Hooley explained. 
Investigators say they scoured the entire Trapper Park area for evidence but could not trace any suspects. 
Officials say the teenager has since left the hospital and gone to the Children’s Justice Center for further questioning. 

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