Police dash cam video shows intense firefight


SPANISH FORK Utah (ABC4 Utah) – Sheriff deputies fired more than 75-rounds at a driver who managed to stay alive.

It’s new information provided by the Utah County sheriff who on Wednesday released video from officers involved during the I-15 freeway shooting in December.

The driver, Arturo Gallemore-Jimenez was shot twice but survived.

On December 20, Nephi police issued a bulletin for his arrest.  He allegedly fired his weapon at a truck stop in Nephi and fled.

Utah County sheriff deputies spotted the vehicle near Springville and initiated a stop.  But the sheriff said they were cautious when they approached him.

“They made a stop of a person who had a weapon and had used a weapon,” said Sheriff Jim Tracy.

The video showed the pickup Gallemore-Jimenez had stopped near the Springville exit on Interstate-15.  A deputy got out and attempted to talk to him.  He had his hand close to his gun.
Sheriff Tracy said the deputy saw both hands sticking out of the window.  The video showed the suspect make a move and the deputy followed his hands.

“He observed one hand go back in and immediately comes back out with a gun and shoots back,” said Sheriff Tracy.  “He initiates gunfire towards the deputies and officers.”

The sheriff said Gallemore-Jimenez fired three times but didn’t hit anything.  The video showed a barrage of bullets coming from deputies. They fired more than 50-rounds according to the sheriff.

But Gallemore-Jimenez wasn’t wounded and was seen taking off.

Sheriff Tracy said about a half-mile away, another driver who had pulled over, was struck by a stray bullet.  He also said the back window of another driver was shot out.

“Those individuals were shot by law enforcement,” said the sheriff.  “We are responsible, but not negligent.”

At least five police vehicles could be seen following Gallemore-Jimenez as they headed north on I-15.  The sheriff said the pickup’s tire had been deflated after bullets hit them.   As a result it was a slow-speed chase with speeds reaching 30-miles an hour, Tracy said.

The video showed a deputy passed the pickup truck and stopped at the University Parkway exit leading into Orem.

“We’re not going to allow that individual get back into the public with his mindset,” said Sheriff Tracy.

The video showed the deputy armed with an automatic rifle move in front of his vehicle and waited for Gallemore-Jimenez’ next move.  The pickup truck exited where the deputy was and he opened fire.

“The suspect, we believe, is wounded at this point,” said Sheriff Tracy.

The video showed the pickup truck come to a stop as it crashed into a fence.  For a few minutes, deputies used a bullhorn urging the driver to get out of the vehicle.
Gallemore-Jimenez eventually did.  He came out empty handed and dropped to the ground.  That’s when he was arrested.
Sheriff Tracy said the suspect was shot twice, in the neck and forearm.  At the hospital where he was taken, authorities soon learned he was a wanted man.

“He had just left Colorado where he had shot another individual in the back three times,” said Sheriff Tracy.

Gallemore-Jimenez was charged with multiple felonies including three counts of attempted murder.  An arrest warrant from Colorado is also seeking him returned where he faces attempted murder.

The sheriff said the video showed transparency and how an incident can escalate in a matter of seconds.
After seeing the video he supported the actions of his deputies.

“That was the officers choice (to shoot) and I believe it was the correct choice,” said Sheriff Tracy.  “We were not going to let him get back into the public which was not safe plus he had already committed an attempted murder.”

He said three of his deputies have returned to duty and a fourth is expected to have his final interview this week.  But he said the county attorney is still reviewing the case to determine if the shooting was justified.

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