HURRICANE, Utah (ABC4) – A man has been arrested after police found a total of 29 guns piled in his car early Monday morning.

Hurricane Police initially responded to reports of a family fight around 4 a.m. after it was reported that a man in the home, 41-year-old Steve Welch, had guns in the home that he was not supposed to have, a probable cause statement shows.

As police spoke to two women involved in the incident outside the home, they noticed a car had pulled out from their street and was driving away. It was then brought to the officer’s attention that this was the car belonging to Welch.

Officers say they were able to stop the car about a mile away from the home and were able to confirm that the car was registered in Welch’s name.

When officers approached the passenger side of the car, they shined their flashlights and saw a “large pile of guns” in the middle row of the vehicle, a probable cause document shows.

The woman who was driving the car told police she was the lienholder of the car and was taking the guns as payment. She also told police that the guns had been loaded in the car for a week, but she had got sick and couldn’t retrieve them.

After police secured the guns in their patrol car, they found that Welch’s criminal history involved a conviction of domestic violence assault which makes him a category 2 restricted person.

Police arrested Welch after they discovered all but one gun belonged to him. Welch is facing 10 charges for possession of a deadly weapon by a restricted person.

A total of 29 guns including AR-15’s, shotguns, rifles, and pistols were collected.