MILLARD COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – Authorities with the Millard County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) have confirmed that the Halfway Hill Fire was human-caused.

MCSO was initially notified of a blaze in the area between Fillmore and Meadow on July 8 at 2:15 p.m. The fire spread rapidly into a significant wildland fire.

According to police records, an investigation of the fire’s point of origin provided evidence that the fire was provoked by humans. Through an analysis of the evidence, numerous suspects were identified and interviewed. MCSO notes that these individuals had lit a recreational campfire in the area that was not properly extinguished, resulting in the start of the Halfway Hill Fire.

On July 9, Michael Patti, Darri Dewolfe, Talon Kessler, and Tyler Smith–all adults of Millard County–were arrested and booked into Millard County Jail on charges of Abandoned Fire.

This investigation remains ongoing.