WASHINGTON CITY, Utah (ABC4) – Three suspects have been booked into jail on numerous charges after attempting to fill fake prescriptions at a Washington pharmacy using a dead persons name.

Calvin Williams, 18, has been booked on one count of Obstruction of Justice and one count of Falsely Obtaining or Dispensing Prescription Medication. Jazmyne Brooks, 21, was booked on one count of Interference with an Arresting Officer, one count of Criminal Conspiracy, one count of Possession of a Controlled Substance, one count of Driving on a Revoked License, and one count of Possession of Another’s Identity Documents. The final suspect in this case, Alexander Gala, has been booked on one count of Criminal Conspiracy, one count of False Personal Information with Intent to be Another Person, one count of Possession of a Controlled Substance, and one count of Possession of Another Person’s Identity Documents.

The group’s crimes date back to June 19 when an officer with the Washington City Police Department (WCPD) was dispatched to Albertson’s Pharmacy in Washington City around noon on reports of someone who had called in a fraudulent prescription for promethazine with codeine, a highly addictive combination. In speaking to the pharmacist, officers learned that the fake prescription was called in using the name of a dead patient.

Upon arrival, officers waited for the suspect to pick up the prescription. According to police records, a man attempting to pick up the prescription, later identified as Calvin Williams, was detained. When speaking to officers Williams allegedly divulged that he was hired to pick up the prescription.

Suspecting several other suspects to be involved in the incident, officers stuck around the Albertson’s parking lot to watch for other suspects. Police records state that one officer witnessed a brown Sedan leaving the parking lot veering out of it’s lane with two broken brake lights. Shortly after, the officer initiated a vehicle stop on Red Cliffs Drive.

After making contact with the driver, later identified as Jazmyne Brooks, she stated that she was at Albertson’s to pick up a medication that was not there. Upon asking for identification officers learned that Brooks’ license had been revoked. The passenger first gave officers a fake name before identifying himself as Alexander Gala.

When speaking to the couple, officers were able to see 20 new prescriptions for Suboxone in the back seat that were not prescribed to Brooks or Gala. Records state that Gala admitted the prescriptions belonged to him.

While police were attempting to detain the two, Brooks allegedly tried to break free and refused to cooperate, lunging away from officers.

Following the confinement, officers analyzed Albertson’s security footage and learned that the three suspects had traveled to the pharmacy together.

Officers obtained a warrant to search the brown Sedan and allegedly located a prescription pill identified as Alprazolam under the driver’s seat, as well as a piece of paper with “notes including personal identifying information of multiple subjects.” Similarly, when booking Gala’s cell phones into evidence, an officer unintentionally saw a message from an unknown number telling him “to delete his photos urgently.”

All three suspects have since been booked into Washington County Jail without bail on the charges previously listed.