Pleasant Grove’s Dancing Cop Is Always On The Beat


PLEASANT GROVE (ABC4 Utah News) – If he’s not busting a suspect, Officer Bryson Lystrup is probably busting a move.

Officer Lystrup has been the school resource officer at Pleasant Grove High School for the last two and half years but around campus and around town, he’s more commonly known as Officer Ne Ne.

He dances like nobody’s watching but a year ago a 7-11 surveillance camera caught him doing the Whip and the Ne Ne. After his fellow officers posted it on Facebook, it went viral with national media coverage and hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube.

“I know I’m not the only person who likes to boogie to music,” Officer Lystrup told ABC4 Utah News Friday afternoon. “I know I’m not the only person who hears a good beat and I just can’t stop but tap my feet or dance out loud in the 7-11 or whatever…I’ve always liked to just move around with music and stuff. I don’t dance. I don’t dance well, but I move around.”

Last month he was caught on camera again, this time jamming out with his six month old son on the sidelines of a PGHS football game.

“I was just holding him up in the air and dancing around with him trying to get him to smile,” Officer Lystrup said. “I don’t know, sometime when you’re with family you just forget about everything going on around, you just want to. Family’s most important so I wanted to keep him happy and smiling and entertain him because he was getting a little bit cranky so I just danced a little bit on the sideline.”

His funky moves make him a hit with the students at Pleasant Grove High.

“There’s been a couple of high school dances where I’ll jiggy with them a little bit and just show them that I’m just there to have fun too,” he said. “It shows people that we’re human. That police officers are human and I think it’s been beneficial for relating to the kids…They realize that I’m not just Robocop. I’m a person and I like to have fun.”

Officer Lystrup says he’s going to keep on dancing no matter what anybody says because he is definitely one cop with a beat.

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