Plea deal in rape case against Tony Yapias may be reduced to a misdemeanor


SALT LAKE CITY (News4Utah) – The rape case against Tony Yapias appears to be coming to an end.

In 2016, the prominent Latino community activist was charged with rape and tampering with evidence.

Monday, Yapias’ attorney and the Davis County attorney advised the judge that the case was “resolved.”
 “Your honor we have this case resolved,” said Sean Young, Yapias’ attorney.  “Mr. (Troy) Rawlings wants to contact the victim to see if she wants to be present for the plea so we’re prepared for that final date.”

Judge Randall Skanchy who is overseeing the case asked the attorneys if they were prepared to return Tuesday.  Davis County Attorney Troy Rawlings said he was not.

 “I don’t know of the victim’s availability that’s the issue,” he responded.  “We could have resolved it today but she is not here.”

Both sides did not disclose terms of the settlement.  Rawlings had no comment when News 4 Utah attempted to seek information about the plea deal.

Yapias’ attorney, Sean Young said they are still working out the details about the settlement but he texted that it will result in a “misdemeanor” and “It’ll settle Friday.  Details aren’t finalized yet.”

Back in December, there was a court date scheduled for a disposition to the case but talks broke down at the last minute. 

Yapias and his attorney are scheduled to return to court Friday to finalize the settlement before Judge Skanchy.

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