GOOD THINGS UTAH – One mom goes on TikTok to explain a pile of donosaur T-shirts sent her over the edge while shopping at Target and parents seem to agree with her.

Taylor Garner (@taylor.dannise) gained over 186,000 views, 22,000 likes, and over 1,800 comments when she uploaded her strongly worded message to TikTok. She began her video: ‘If I see one more dinosaur, I’m gonna scream.’

What are your thoughts? The hosts weigh in and said they’ve run into the same problem of finding a lack of a variety of clothes for boys t-shirts.

The hosts talked about people have been responding to a debate on social media about a mom sharing why she makes her 2-year-old do ‘chores’ by buying toys that imitate vacuuming, sweeping and cleaning.
Her viral video shows glimpses of several toys the mother bought for her son to bring more gender equality.

Have you seen the lip gloss hack of using dye to tint your lips? People all over TikTok are joining the trend.

And would you try the Starbucks new menu item of cold brew and lemonade? The coffee shop giant says think Arnold Palmer. People on social media are torn.