SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – The Golden Spike Foundation is excited to release a sneak peek of their newest public art sculpture set to be installed in Promontory Summit.

“Monument to Their Memory” is a huge modern sculpture, standing 24 feet tall and 11.5 feet wide, that will commemorate those who came together to build the world’s first transcontinental railroad located in Salt Lake City.

The sculpture, being created by Ilan Averbuch, a New York-based, Israeli-born artist who is known for his large-scale sculptures, represents a connection of the park’s railroad to the heavens, intended to memorialize the lives of the railroad workers.

Since being commissioned to create this piece in April of 2020, SLC’s Golden Spike Foundation notes that Averbuch has been busy in his studio developing the sculpture.

Once the piece is fully created, the structure will be shipped to Utah in smaller segments, where it will eventually be reassembled and installed at the Golden Spike National Historical Park.

For a sneak peek at the sculpture, check out the images below.