WASHINGTON CITY, Utah (ABC4) – Nearly 100 residents gathered Saturday in St. George to protest what they say is  inhumane and ill treatment of puppies after several cases of sick and injured animals came from the Puppy House store over the last year, according to St. George News

The Puppy House has shops in both Washington City and St. George. They are being accused of “knowingly selling customers sick and injured animals, euthanizing animals using false owner names, keeping animals in cramped conditions for months and overcharging customers,” St. George news states. 

The protesters had created a Facebook page voicing their concerns after a woman came forward and said the puppy she bought there was injured and they didn’t tell her about the injuries prior to her purchasing the dog and bringing it home. 

The “Take a Stand Against Puppy House” has over 800 members and continues to grow. A petition was also created on change.org has over 1800 signatures wanting the store to be shut down. 

According to St. George News, Andrea Ramirez, a current manager for the Puppy House, denies the allegations and said “the puppies at the store are well-cared for and come from breeders certified and inspected by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).”

When asked to provide specifics, Ramirez did not allow for any paperwork or for the condition of the animals in the store to be seen. The owners of the store, Andrea Estevez and Chris Chavez, did not respond to a request for comment. A statement was sent to St. George News saying that all puppies were checked for ill health, but they did not respond when asked to provide the name of a veterinarian who checked the puppies.

Former employees say they had varying levels of training as veterinary technicians. One of them told St. George News that the puppies were stored in the back and were fed food and water if they were not well.

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