LEHI, Utah (ABC4 News) – Patriot Boot Camp is a non-profit founded in 2012. The camp was created to provide active duty service men and women, veterans and their spouses the opportunity to talk and learn from mentors in hopes to build their entrepreneurial success. 

Patriot Boot Camp’s mission statement is “To assemble and activate an inclusive community that advances military members, veterans and military spouses in their mission to become creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs leading the new economy.”

 This year MX Technologies, Inc. in Lehi Utah hosted Patriot Boot Camp. The three-day camp was held August 23rd through the 25th.  

“Patriot Boot Camp is all about how do we get a veteran who has spent years serving our country, and developed an incredibly unique set of skills, connected with mentors to launch and grow businesses of their own.”

Ryan Caldwell

Fifty boot camp attendees met with 21 speakers and 41 mentors over the course of the camp, all of whom have volunteered their time. 

Ryan Caldwell, Founder, and CEO of MX says anyone interested can apply. “If you’re a veteran and have any desire at all to figure out ‘Should I be an entrepreneur?–‘Is this something for me?’…I would say go for it,”  Caldwell says. 

Caldwell says he takes giving back to our country’s service members very seriously, coming from an active military family himself.

MX’s mission statement is to “Empower the World to be Financially Strong,” Cladwell says his favorite part of hosting Patriot Boot Camp is seeing the further impact to the communities. 

“Seeing people who also want to create a purpose-driven mission-driven company and watching this echoing rippling effect of innovation go out,” Caldwell says  “It’s really rewarding and exciting to see that,” he adds. 

Carl Churchill, Chief Coffee Officer at Alpha Coffee participated in Patriot Boot Camp at MX. He says MX’s Patriot Boot Camp resources helped encourage him through the realities of his business. 

“Every business has highs and lows, and when you go to Patriot Boot Camp, meeting others entrepreneurs who are fighting the good fight as well, that’s super beneficial especially other veterans,” Churchill says.

Churchill served our country in the US Army for a total of 21 years, 9 active duty and 12 times in the reserves with 7 total deployments. 

He now owns and operates his own coffee shop with his family. His service continues to be an active part of his life and has transitioned into his business. 

Since September 11th, 2010 Churchill and his Alpha Coffee team have donated 16,526 bags of coffee to deployed troops. 

Churchill says Patriot Boot Camp created the perfect opportunity to ask questions.“In the military, you’re always looking for that recon, that intel before you execute a mission.” Churchill says being able to ask his questions to others who had been through it before was most beneficial. 

“One of my favorite things about Patriot Boot Camp is it’s a reminder and it’s a step in the right direction of we owe a lot to these veterans. When you think about the freedom that allows us to build the great tech companies and the great communities that we enjoy here in the United States, those veterans protect that,”  Caldwell says. 

Heres a look at Patriot Boot Camp’s current numbers

  • Jobs created: 1,600+
  • Capital raised by alumni: $100 million
  • Diversity: 50% service-disabled, veteran-owned business
  • Female founders: 23%
  • Alumni entrepreneurs: 850 

For more on the Patriot Boot Camp organization click here.

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