Parents outraged as teacher watches fight between students


VERNAL, Utah (News4Utah) – A schoolteacher in Vernal is under investigation following a fight between three girls.

It happened about ten days ago at Vernal Middle School.  The incident was recorded by several students as they began fighting.  But the video recording also showed a schoolteacher watching as two girls began assaulting Sadie Hiner.

“I was getting hit in the head and my hair was being pulled,” said Hiner who attends the middle school.  “One of the girls was to my side and was hitting me on the side and was pulling my hair.”

But at the time, Hiner had no idea that a teacher was watching without stopping the fight.

“Honestly I am very upset that she didn’t stop them like the other teacher who stepped in and told them to stop,” said Hiner.

The video recording did show a second teacher come outside and immediately put a stop to the fighting.  All this while the other teacher continued watching.

“It took another teacher in the hallway to just step out and say stop,” said Kevin Hiner, Sadie’s father. “She didn’t even have to put her hands on the kid just said stop and they stopped.  I am angry that this teacher just stood there and allowed this to happen. Something serious would have happened to my daughter I would have a lawsuit going on right now.”

According to the superintendent of the Uintah school district, teachers must protect children.  They’re now investigating what happened.

“It’s based on the situation,” said Mark Dockins, the superintendent.  “If a situation where student safety can be controlled by a teacher absolutely, they’re going to intervene in that.  But you also have to take in the situation to make sure that it is safe to do so.”

Sadie’s parents said all three students were suspended for three days.

But for now, watching the video of her daughter get beaten only angers her mother even more.

“I am outraged, said Tanya Hiner.  “I am hurt. I am hurt for my daughter.  I am angry that anybody would think that that is okay, to just let a kid get hurt like that.”

Tanya Hiner said they filed a police complaint against the two students.  She said police are investigating for possible assault charges against them.

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