WASHINGTON CITY, Utah (ABC4) — Three Colorado men were charged with possession with intent to distribute both methamphetamine and fentanyl pills.

When police pulled over a dark gray SUV for allegedly swerving out of their lane, they found over 100 pounds of illegal narcotics, police records report, which is equivalent to over $12 million, the National Drug Intelligence Center estimates.

According to the police record, when the officer pulled over the SUV early Sunday morning, Limberth Salvador Lopez Peralta, 24, allegedly exited the vehicle and attempted to walk away until he was asked to stop. There were two other passengers in the SUV, Jose Gerardo Pena Carvajal, 30, and Walter Faley Rodriguez Paz, 32.

When the officer asked Peralta for his driver’s license, Peralta allegedly informed him that he did not have a valid license and could only provide him with a Honduras ID card, the police report stated.

According to the report, while the officer was standing outside the vehicle, he said he noticed several vacuum-sealed bags in the car, which he noted to be consistent with packaging for narcotics. He then requested a K-9 team to assist.

After the K-9 allegedly indicated narcotics odor being present in the vehicle, officers were able to search the vehicle, the report stated.

When the officers searched the vehicle, they found what they approximated as 75 pounds of methamphetamine in the vehicle as well as 12-15 pounds of Fentanyl pills, disguised as oxycodone pills. The officers also reported that they found an ounce of meth in the pants pocket of one of the passengers of the vehicle.

According to the police report, the suspects stated they knew the narcotics were inside the vehicle.

All three men were arrested and booked into jail later that morning. They are all facing two second-degree felony counts of possession with intent to distribute.