UTAH (ABC4) – For people making travel plans for Labor Day weekend, State Troopers want to remind drivers that we’re still in what’s considered the 100 Deadliest Days of Summer on Utah roads —  the stretch of time from Memorial Day to Labor Day when deaths on the road nearly double. At a press conference on Thursday, one family spoke out, sharing their experience and the importance of driving safely.

The Jackson family was in a car accident last summer and they say what saved them was being prepared for any situation on the road and wearing seatbelts.

“We are very aware and saddened that many do not survive motor vehicle accidents of this magnitude. Our lives have been forever changed because of this accident. It has been and continues to be a long road of recovery for our family,” said Seantae Jackson.

It was just a year ago that Seantae and her husband Trevor were driving to the Wind River Mountains in Wyoming for a backpacking trip with their 14-year-old twin sons, Cameron and Owen, as well as her friend Melissa when the crash occurred.

“Mentally, I struggle with PTSD and that’s a very hard thing to deal with, and that’s something I deal with probably more and that’s harder than my physical injury,” said Cameron Jackson.

On the way to Wyoming, a driver tried to pass a semi-truck and hit their vehicle head on. Trevor was trapped in the car, which the Jacksons say caught fire twice.

“He would wake up and start screaming and then he would scream and then he would fall back asleep. And then he’d wake up screaming and then he’d fall back asleep again. At one point, my mom came over to him and said ‘Honey, you got to stay awake, you got to stay awake,’ and at that point, I thought he was failing and he was gonna die,” said Cameron. “Everyone expected them to die and I expected that as well. I thought that was gonna happen and all I could do is just pray and pray for the best.”

The accident left the family with multiple injuries — including several broken bones. Both of Trevor’s femurs were broken and Owen reportedly became unconscious instantly, had a seizure and suffered a severe traumatic brain injury. The family shared that Owen had to be put into a medically induced coma for nine days.

“I just remember getting in the car and leaving our house. I don’t remember anything for a week or two, ” said Owen.

The Jackson family says they are still continuing to recover to this day. This Labor Day weekend, they want to remind others to drive with caution.

“One action changed our lives forever. We will never have the life that we had before this accident. The impact it has taken on our family will leave us forever changed,” said Seantae.

The Jacksons say they want to remind others to not drive distracted and to wear a seatbelt.

“Since I was going to the speed limit and prepared for that situation, I was able to react in time to save my family because I think the situation could have been a lot worse if we weren’t doing all of those things,” Trevor explained.

According to the Utah Department of Transportation, 215 people have lost their lives on Utah roads so far this year, and there have been 94 vehicle-related deaths so far this summer as we embark on the final Deadliest Days.