Orem Shooting

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Orem Lt. Martinez updates ABC4-

Orem police initially respond to an assault call and the suspect- who is now the victim, was leaving the scene when the police arrived.  Officers tried to pull him over but he fled. The pursuit was called off because it was becoming too dangerous. Orem Police then received another call: the fleeing truck was involved in a minor vehicle accident a short while after the pursuit had ended. Police found out the suspect’s name at this time.

Then, another call to police a short time after that- about a stolen car. Police pursue and again terminate the pursuit because of safety concerns.

Then yet another call comes in to police about a fight at the macey’s food store parking lot. This 26 year old man from Springville was attempting to carjack a woman at the macey’s food (at least the second car he had tried to steal since his truck crash). Another man could hear the woman screaming and came over. This gentleman was a concealed carry holder and drew his handgun in defense of the woman. In response, the suspect initially put his hands up but then he lunged for the gun.  One shot was fired and suspect is confirmed dead.

Names are not to be released yet.  Investigations Lt. has tons of dash cam videos and surveillance video to review, so updates will probably not come from police until Monday, at which time they hope the autopsy will also have been completed. 

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