OGDEN, Utah (ABC4 News) – Students in most grades within the Ogden School District use a Chromebook or tablet daily in school. Come November 23rd, all students will get a device to take home.

“It could become a necessity at any point during the school year that any one entire school location or our entire school district, might need to make a transition either short-term or long-term to online learning,” said Jer Bates, the spokesperson for the district.

Three high schools in the district recently moved to online learning after experiencing outbreaks. School leaders are hoping a district wide learn-from-home-day will prepare everyone for the possibility of a total shut down.

“What we might find is a student who thinks, ‘oh I can do this no problem at school with a teacher looking over my shoulder’, they might find when they are at home maybe they have some difficulty accessing those online systems, or maybe they think they have internet access that’s sufficient and they realize they don’t,” said Bates.

Teachers will instruct from home, rather than from the classroom. School activities will take place at home and students can grab their breakfast and lunch outside their school.

“We want to identify any potential problems that a student might have before they actually come up in a real scenario,” he added.

School leaders say the biggest concern is students’ access to support systems and resources within the Title I district.

“Being able to establish students who are going to need additional support in the event of all online learning, and then finding out: 1. Who are those students and 2. How can we offer those additional support services?”

Bates says he hopes individuals mimic the safety protocols going on in schools, to prevent the spread of the virus throughout the community.

Students will return devices given to them when they come back from Thanksgiving break, according to Bates.

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