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Heading into the colder months means that we will see the colder air settling in and temperature inversions. The Department of Environmental Quality is looking to help out with converting your wood-burning stove or fireplace into a more efficient and less pollution-emitting one. One homeowner is glad that they were able to change theirs.

Aaron Paugh a homeowner in Salt Lake County tells us about how he converted the fireplace in his den, an area his family spends a lot of time in, from one that was wood burning to one that now uses natural gas.

“So, when the voucher program came up and we saw that as an option we jumped on it and truthfully we spend most of our time in this room as a family. So, it changed the game in terms of actual heat source in the wintertime and making it comfortable”, says Paugh.

The conversion was done through the DEQ’s woodstove conversion program. It helps homeowners that qualify, obtain a grant that would help cover some of the cost of the conversion process. A process that Paugh says is smooth and easy.

“Quick response, it was really easy I think it maybe took us 5 minutes on you know an online link. Kaison at Ignite called us as soon as it got approved. So, within a couple of days and I think from beginning to end within 2 weeks we got a stove.” 

The new stove has vastly improved the heating for his den and it has become extremely easy to start as he only needs to now use a remote and click a button.

This system also has the added benefit of a cleaner exhaust than a traditional fireplace, meaning that Paugh is also helping reduce his contribution to the pollution trapped under our inversion.

He recommends that others also convert their wood stoves and fireplaces as well.

“I would say if you have a room that you’re using would burning or even other alternative methods of heating, gas fireplace I’m a huge fan I would advocate for that a hundred percent. It’s clean. It’s easy. It’s super-efficient”, says Paugh.

If you live in Salt Lake County and would like to know if you qualify for this grant you can visit the DEQ’s website for more information or click here. If you would like to apply to the program click here.

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