Old school meets new at Ute Stampede with motorcycles

 NEPHI, Utah (ABC4 News) – The Ute stampede introduced a new tradition about 10 years ago: motorcycles.

The bikes and their incredible tricks may not be old school, but they’re a crowd favorite.

“They both do flips and they’ve integrated pyro into it.”

 Ten years ago, the Ute Stampede took a chance and introduced some man-made horsepower to the show, and it paid off. 

“People just love it. they love to see them. they love the flare that they bring.”

Chris Memmott, the President of the Stampede, said the Flying U dirt bikes have helped merge the old school with the new school. 

  “I look at it as a bridge between our traditional rodeo connoisseur and the kids – ill call them kids – the newer connoisseur we’re trying to bring in,” said Memmott.

And he said while they’re not a traditional rodeo, they’re all about entertaining the crowd.

“We fashion ourselves as Utah’s most entertaining rodeo so we’re always looking at our entertainment value. always looking constantly what can we put in this arena to give our fans their dollar – their dollars-worth of entertainment,” said Memmott.

While they’ve acted as a bridge between old traditions and new entertainment, many of the older folks love them. 97-year-old Ron Jones is a big fan and he’s attended all but one or two Ute Stampedes!


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