Ogden man leaves dead chihuahua outside police department, admits to killing it

WEBER COUNTY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – An Ogden man sits behind bars for alleged animal cruelty, after admitting to killing a chihuahua. 
That man is 27 year-old K.C. Quintana. 
“We’ve had several interactions with [Quintana] over the years,” said Lt. Kevin Cottrell of the Ogden Police Department.
That is why police say they were not surprised when they saw Quintana walking into their police department, Sunday night.   What officers did not know at the time, though, was that inside the plastic grocery bag Quintana carried with him was the body of a Chihuahua he had just allegedly  killed. 
“The right side of its head was crushed,” Cottrell said. 
Authorities say Quintana dropped the dead dog outside the police department’s front doors, before walking inside to seek medical help.  Officials would not elaborate on his situation. 
“As [crews] were getting ready to take him to the hospital, the officers came out and saw he’d left a dog in a plastic grocery back outside our front doors,” Cottrell recalled. 
Quintana reportedly admitted to killing the animal, and officers took him into custody.
The man’s family appreared to have no idea.
“I mean, I don’t know. The first I heard anything is by you coming over here,” Mark, a relative of Quintana, told Good 4 Utah’s Ali Monsen. 
Family members say Quintana recently walked away from his Ogden home.  
“I haven’t seen him for a couple days,” Mark said. 
They say they have worried for his physical and mental well being.
“He’s a good man.  He could use help in that regard, but other than that, he would never do anything to harm,” Mark explained. 
Family members defended Quintana saying he deserves a chance to share his side of the story.
“Is he in jail?” Mark asked. 
“He is, as far as we know,” replied Good 4 Utah’s Ali Monsen.
“He probably got attacked by the dog or something, probably defending himself.  That, I wouldn’t be surprised on,” Mark said. 
Police say Quintana did not say why he killed it.
“The dog wasn’t his, and he didn’t know who it belonged to,” Cottrell said. 
Turns out, the chihuahua belonged to a 95 year-old man in the area, who reportedly lost the dog while trying to take it out for a walk.
“Quintana said he’d found the dog, killed it, and then came to the police station,” Cottrell said. 
Officials say the elderly man’s pet was his only companion.  

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