Officials warn about extreme heat after hiker dies near ‘The Wave’


KANE COUNTY (News4Utah) – A man was found dead after he got lost while hiking “The Wave” Monday afternoon.

Kane County Sheriff’s Office said Christophe Pochic, 49, of Belgium, set out to hike The Wave with his 16-year-old son.

At some point, the teenager became separated from his father. The son went toward the trailhead to find help. He found a group of other hikers who helped him search for his father for about three hours.

The teenager later told officers that on the way back from The Wave, his father became disoriented and wanted to go the wrong way.

Eventually, Kane County deputies, search and rescue responded to the Wire Pass Trailhead. A helicopter was also called to help in the search.

Pochic was found dead by two Bureau of Land Management employees around 9:15 p.m.

Investigators believe Pochic’s death to be heat-related. 

The incident prompted this reminder from officials Tuesday:

“Temperatures in Kane County have been extremely hot the last few weeks and we expect them to continue into August. By early afternoon, the slick rock areas around The Wave can prove to be deadly because of extreme heat. When found, Mr. Pochic still had water. If you are going to hike in Kane County,  you are encouraged to go early and finish early or find ways to protect yourself from the heat. Take a break during the middle of the day if possible,” said Kane County said in a statement. 

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