WEBER COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – A semi-truck driver was arrested after he was caught traveling in the wrong direction on I-84 in Morgan County Sunday.

Police say several people reported that a semi-truck was traveling on the wrong side of the highway on I-84 in Morgan County. He was allegedly traveling westbound in the eastbound lanes.

Officers were able to get the driver who was later identified as Gurmail Singh to stop in Weber County, arrest records state.

Singh got out of the truck after being stopped and went in between his trailer and the truck attempting to hide from police.

Initially, Singh told police that he didn’t speak English and was holding his stomach “as if he had a medical issue.” Singh stated that he had been using medication for his back, but it was later determined that Singh was using medications because of a “bowel problem,” arrest records state.

An officer at the scene had Singh perform field sobriety tests, which he did incorrectly. The officer said he noticed Singh’s eyes were red and glossy. Singh was arrested for suspicion of DUI after he failed both the walk and turn and the one-leg stand test.

After arresting Singh, the officer “detected an odor of alcohol emitting from Singh’s person.”

When police searched Singh’s truck, they found open alcohol containers along with beer that had been spilled on the floor of his truck.

Singh was arrested on charges of wrong way DUI, open container, and vehicle on divided highway not operating in the right hand of the roadway.