WOODS CROSS, Utah (ABC4) — An officer from the Woods Cross Police Department has been arrested following a domestic violence incident on Saturday, Feb. 18.

The officer was arrested on charges including third-degree aggravated assault and criminal mischief, a class B misdemeanor.

According to the affidavit, Syracuse Police were called out to a domestic violence situation on Saturday in which the victim said she had an argument with the officer, and he choked her with his hands. The victim reportedly told police he choked her for at least 15 seconds, and she got dizzy.

Officers were able to confirm there were marks on the victim’s neck consistent with being choked.

When the victim tried to leave the residence, the officer allegedly grabbed the backpack she was wearing and threw her down on the floor.

In an interview with law enforcement, the officer said the two got into an argument but did not recall putting his hands on the victim, according to the affidavit.

The victim also reportedly informed authorities that the officer punched a dresser. Law enforcement was able to verify there was damage done to the dresser, the probable cause document stated. The officer allegedly said he hit the top of the dresser because he did not understand what the victim was saying at the time.

Law enforcement reportedly found a backpack lying in the center of the living room with the straps facing up, which matched what the victim said.

The officer has been booked into the Davis County Jail on charges previously stated.