WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah (ABC4) – A West Valley man has been arrested after forcing his teen “girlfriend” into prostitution in exchange for rent and drugs, police say. 

Angelo Paul Sisneros, 38, now faces several charges including aggravated human trafficking, multiple counts of aggravated exploitation of prostitution involving a child, rape, forcible sodomy, distribution of a controlled substance, and sexual exploitation of a minor. 

Investigators say they were alerted that Sisneros was engaged in a “relationship” with a minor in 2022. 

Through their investigation, they learned that the two met in 2019 and began their relationship when the girl was 15. She told investigators that Sisneros would message her and invite her over to her his friends where he was reportedly doing and selling drugs and committing fraud.

According to the affidavit, the girl told investigators that Sisneros was “dubious and sold her dreams.” He reportedly also taught her how to commit identity fraud. 

The girl reportedly told investigators that the relationship became “toxic and violent.” 

Investigators say Sisneros had broke the girl down mentally and made her feel unattractive after she refused to agree to put explicit photos of herself on “websites used for the purpose of engaging in commercial sexual activity.” According to the affidavit, the girl told investigators Sisneros posted the photos on the websites anyway.

The girl also told investigators of an incident in January when Sisneros became physically violent after he couldn’t find his wallet. 

“Sisneros was controlling and did not allow her to talk to other people,” the affidavit says. “[The girl] stated that Sisneros controlled her access to her cell phone and passwords to her accounts.”

The girl reportedly also told investigators that on multiple occasions Sinseros wanted her to engage in sexual activity in exchange for drugs, money for rent, or information that would help them commit identity fraud. 

“[The girl] further clarified that she did not feel like she could make decisions for herself and Sisneros would not let her,” police say in the affidavit. 

Police have requested Sisneros be held without bail as he “poses a substantial danger to [the girl] and has attempted to contact her as recently as August.”