Editor’s note: The video linked in this article can be graphic in nature and upsetting for some viewers.

NORTH OGDEN, Utah (ABC4) — The Weber County Attorney’s Office has released a video showing the body cam footage, Ring recordings, and the 911 call of a shooting in North Ogden that left two people dead and one injured.

According to the Weber County Attorney’s Office, Jeffrey Roberts, 66, of Long Beach, Calif., drove to his “estranged” brother’s house in North Ogden on Thursday, April 27. At about 7:11 p.m., Roberts approached the front door of his brother’s home and rang the doorbell, as captured by the Ring video recording.

There were only two people in the home at the time — Scott Roberts and his wife, Jodi Roberts. The couple was reportedly eating dinner when Jeffrey Roberts showed up at their door. The video showed what appeared to be Scott Roberts answering the door and having a conversation with his brother.

Shortly after that, the Ring recording showed Jeffrey Roberts pulling a 9mm handgun out of his jacket and began firing. Police later found that he was carrying a total of 23 fully loaded handgun magazines.

Scott Roberts died from gunshot wounds, the Weber County Attorney’s Office reported. Jodi Roberts also suffered from gunshot wounds and is currently recovering in a hospital. Kelsey Roberts, the daughter of Scott Roberts and Jodi Roberts, set up a GoFundMe aimed to assist her mother after her father’s death.

Police say neighbors who heard the gunshots called 911, prompting authorities to respond and confront Jeffrey Roberts. When officers arrived, Jeffrey Roberts can be seen in the Ring recording firing in their direction as he walked out of the house. Officers returned fire and ultimately killed him.

After shooting the couple, Jeffrey Roberts reportedly used road flares to set the house on fire. Aside from the handgun, police say he also had a 12-gauge shotgun in possession with hundreds of shells.

The total time of the incident, from Jeffrey Roberts arriving at his brother’s home to him being gunned down by officers, is about 13 minutes, according to the Weber County Attorney’s Office.

The Weber County Force Investigation Team is running an active investigation into the incident. A final report will be submitted to the Weber County Attorney’s Office for final review.

Watch the video released by the Weber County Attorney’s Office on their YouTube channel.