AMERICAN FORK. Utah (ABC4) – The Alpine School District’s School Board approved a new dress code policy on Tuesday night.

Executive Director of External Relations and Communications for the Alpine School District, David Stephenson said the original draft of this policy is over 30 years old and it needed to be brought into the 21st century. 

Stephenson calls it a unisex policy and states in part clothing must cover the body from the left to right armpits and from the top of the shoulder down to a few inches above the knee. The policy also states clothing cannot be transparent or have visible undergarments including bra straps and clothing that is ripped or frayed is now allowed. 

While the district is calling this a unisex policy, some board members brought up concerns over a section that states the thigh cannot be exposed. That portion of the policy is no longer included. 

Stephenson said this policy provides general guidelines for each school to review and decide what is most appropriate.