LOGAN, Utah (ABC4) — A Logan woman won big at the 2023 World Jump Rope Championships last weekend.

Ella Budge, 19, and her partner, Seth Ingram, competed at the International Jump Rope Union championship, held from July 16-23 at Ed Robson Arena in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The pair won gold in the Wheels Pairs competition, and their team won silver in double dutch.

“I could put it plain and simple and just say, ‘I’m a world champ in jump rope,’ which is crazy,” Budge said. 

Budge has been jumping rope for 13 years. She spends hours each day, four days a week training. 

“You have to have all the required elements. We’re getting the ropes under us four times, we’re doing power skills and releases where we’re throwing the rope and catching it and wrapping it around our bodies,” Budge said. “It’s hard.”

According to IJRU, 3,000 jumpers from more than 25 countries competed in the championship competition. Budge and her teammates were one of three teams selected in their categories to represent the entire country.

Now that she’s a world champion, Budge said she is just getting started.

This fall, Budge will be doing performance jump rope, joining Cirque Du Soleil. She said she is thinking about moving to Las Vegas and making a career out of jump rope.