MILLCREEK, Utah (ABC4) – Officers have arrested a man after he threw a glass jar of unknown chemicals into a common area of a Millcreek apartment complex resulting in four individuals being treated for symptoms.

Albert Giron, 62, reportedly exited his apartment complex on Saturday, Oct. 8, and threw the glass jar into the center of the complex’s common area while wearing a mask before going back inside. 

Witnesses told police they began feeling headaches and sore throats after breathing the air around the broken glass. The landlord reportedly went to a Intermountain Healthcare Hospital after cleaning up the glass with a sore throat, hot flashes, a burning skin sensation, and lightheadedness. 

The landlord was reportedly in the process of evicting Giron, having given him a 30 day notice. Giron allegedly responded by sending the landlord angry texts and firing a gun towards people in the area before throwing glass jars. 

Throughout night between Saturday and Sunday, police say Giron threw two more glass jars into the common area and was harassing his neighbors by banging on his apartment walls and ceiling and playing loud music. 

Police had arrived after the first incident on Saturday, but were unable to make contact with Giron. After being alerted to the possible hazardous nature of the unknown chemicals in the glass jars, police secured the area to ensure no more jars were thrown. 

After obtaining a court-approved search warrant, a SWAT team entered the Giron’s apartment complex and took Giron into custody without any further incident. 

Police say they found guns and notes on chemical ingredients, combinations, and methods to cause harm using the the chemicals inside the apartment unit. 

Giron was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail on Sunday, Oct. 9. He was arrested for three third degree felony counts of threat of terrorism, one third degree felony count of aggravated assault, and a Class B misdemeanor of threat of violence.