TOOELE, Utah (ABC4) – The Tooele City Police department added automated license plate reading cameras to city streets to help solve and prevent crimes in the area.

The cameras are said to proactively prevent crime from occurring in Tooele City. Police officials will be alerted in real time by text or email when a stolen car or a known wanted suspect vehicle from a state or national crime database enters the area. 

Law enforcement would also be alerted to vehicles that are associated with a missing person such as in the cases of AMBER or Silver alerts. The cameras are said to provide objective evidence that would lead to actionable leads.

The cameras are provided by Flock Safety, who reportedly works with other agencies in Utah. Flock Safety, a public safety operating system that helps communities and law enforcement work together to eliminate crime, says there are “ethical guardrails” in place to prevent the cameras from being used outside of their purpose. 

“The cameras do not record speed or utilize facial recognition,” Flock Safety said in a press release. “The data is never sold or shared with third parties and is deleted automatically after 30 days on a rolling basis to protect citizens’ privacy.” 

According to Flock Safety, the cameras only capture license plates and vehicle characteristics and not people or faces.